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Who is switchfunky?

We are the exclusive importers for Artistic Nail Design, Abyssian Hair Care, Salt of the Earth, Famous Names, Minx Nails and PROVOC  throughout Australia and New Zealand.

We have been involved in the professional beauty business for more than two decades and been responsible for the distribution of many leading brands. We want to partner with you on your journeyas a Nail and Beauty Professional. We support Beauty Professionals through our exclusive network of distributors and educators and can offer you business the most innovative products on the planet.

If you are a professional and would like to know how to be part of our extended family please call or email us for exclusive access to our website. 

Who is Artistic Nail Design?

Artistic Nail Design presents the ultimate Soak off Gel Polish. Colour Gloss Soak Off Gel Colour. Beautifully formulated to glide on just like polish…then, light-cured, just like gel. Colour Gloss cures in only 30 seconds using the Artistic pro30 LED light and in only 2 minutes using a traditional 36watt UV lamp…drying to a flexible yet strong, super-shiny lacquer-like gloss. Colour Gloss is available in 113 high fashion colors, from demure to dynamite.Best of all, Colour Gloss wears for a very long time; Its gorgeous shades and high-gloss finish will last for up to three weeks without chipping, dulling, cracking or peeling. On the return visit, Colour Gloss soaks off quickly and completely in minutes, without any damage to the natural nail.

Why Colour Gloss?

Artistic Colour Gloss delivers more of what you need and less of what you don't. Over 113 on trend colours straight out of the box, focused product range, lightning fast LED curing, ultra long lasting and awesome value for money at less than ½ the price of similar products.

Better science makes better products and Artistic Nail Design use the latest technology to deliver simply stunning product performance. Colour Gloss is hy-bred, gel polish perfection and stands miles apart from others in the market with fashion forward colours personally mixed by Tom that have to seen in person to be believed. Super Glossy power polish finish every application.

Do I need Artistic LED to use Colour Gloss?

To ensure proper application you should only use an Artistic LED lamp. Colour Gloss has been calibrated to cure perfectly using this Lamp. 

How do I get training?

If you are a Manicurist/Nail Technician we offer a comprehensive line up of short courses to ensure your Colour Gloss application is the best it can possibly be. Of course application video's and step by step instructions are available free with the purchase of your Colour Gloss starter kit. If you are a Salon Owner and have three or more nail technicians that would like to be trained in applying Colour Gloss please contact us at kylie@switchfunky.comWe can arrange for one of our educators to conduct a training session at your salon, and can create a custom starter pack that will have your clients squealing with delight.

What differentiates your formulas from other Gel Polish products on the market?

We have our own original propriety formulas utilizing updated technologies. A good example would be in the cure time area. Leading manufacturers claim fast cure times but if you look into the ingredients often they are using older technology that they have tampered with just to have an offering for the market. Our products are made in the USA meaning much higher quality standards than many of our competitors. You would be surprised where many leading brands are made !

Who is Famous Names?

Jim Nordstrom and his wife Linda. Jim has been in a leadership position for 30 years in the professional nail and beauty industry. Co- Founder, Chairman and CEO of Creative Nail Design for 17 years. With a Bachelor of Science degree Jim understands the science of the product and having spent significant time in the field, relates to the “real world” the professional nail tech lives in. As COO of one of the largest distributors in the USA and currently a partner of UK based distributor Sweet Squared, Jim understands the distribution challenges the industry faces.

Why the company name “Famous Names”?

This name was picked because every product we introduce must live up to our company name…it must be best in class and thus be a “famous name” to our customers..]

What exactly is Minx Nails?

Minx is a solid film with an adhesive back that is heat activated. The heat gives Minx the conformability to fit over the compound curves of nails and seals it onto the nail bed. Minx is brewed in North County, San Diego, California. The patent pending proprietary material Minx is made of can be easily removed with heat by either the manicurist or the client.

Do I need the Minx Heat to apply Minx?

To insure proper application a heat lamp is required. We offer a specially developed heat lamp that provides your clients with the optimal performance. You cannot use a normal light bulb that is a high wattage, it must a proper heat bulb and you must have a special light fitting that will take the heat of the heat bulb as normal table lamps are not made for such high heat. 

How do I get training?

If you are a Manicurist/Nail Technician: You can take the Level One training course online! This course is free with the purchase of either a Minx Starter Kit. You will get access to our online training video. The video is approximately 12 minutes. We then expect you to practice, practice, practice. It takes between 10-15 sets before you should be applying Minx on clients. You may get an application that looks good at first but may have problems in a day or two that is due to application issues. This is why we recommend practicing on yourself, friends and family. Observe Minx often during the wear time and remove it during the practice time (vs having them remove it).

If you are a Salon Owner and have three or more nail technicians that would like to be trained in applying Minx, please contact us at We can arrange for one of our Minx Masters to conduct a training session at your salon, and can create a custom starter pack that will have your clients squealing with delight.