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Provoc Makeup

Professional Artists will LOVE PROVOC Lashes because there is a wide range of looks they can achieve in the brand. There are individual and strip lashes that can look completely natural or VERY dramatic.The darkness of the lash creates heightened drama.Some of the more natural lashes have a very fine line where the lashes attach so a great artist can place this atop the lashes, tucking tight under the lid creating an invisible appearance.

The Semi-Permanent Gel liners are beyond amazing. The lip pencils are perfectly creamy and can create an amazing full lip matte look. This is perfect for professional session artists and for television. Once applied they don't smear or smudge, at all! To create a soft lipstick shine add a touch of vaseline to the lip after application or for a full shiny pout, add a shimmery lip gloss.

There are now Brow pencils in 5 shades to perfectly match your hair color. These pencils have a stiffer gel consistency for creating perfectly tiny hair strokes to fill in color or create an arch. The pencil even has a brush on the end to blend and shape the brow to perfection.

The eye pencils can make perfectly thin lines around lash line and in water line. Wait 1 minute after application to create a hard line, or blend immediately for softness. Remember this is semi-permanent so if you want to blend, do so quickly or it won't budge! LOL You can also use any of the amazing golds, blues, and greens as a full lid color, by applying and using a make up brush to blend out.