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switchfunky believes in education as a fundamental building block for any successful Salon. With a powerful and talented team of internationally trained Nail Stylists, we are well positioned to deliver world-class training right in your backyard. With over 25 years experience in delivering education to nail professionals and being responsible for developing some of Australia's leading educational systems for Nail and Beauty professionals, we have used our experience and have carefully crafted fun and exciting programs that deliver no-nonsense education that provides immediate benefits to your business.


Fast and Accurate. No time for long courses, no problem, cloud-based learning programs allow you to continue to educate yourself from wherever you are whenever you have the time to do so. Even from your mobile device. We offer advanced training and certification in all our products through many layers to ensure that nail and beauty professionals at every level have the programs and tools they need to master the use and marketing of all our products in highly competitive environments.


Education is the cornerstone of success. Without education, even the coolest, most innovative and original products cannot be used to their fullest advantage. That is why we have established education partnerships with Artistic Nail Design, Famous Names, and all our manufacturers. We have very carefully selected our Nail Stylists to ensure that we deliver the latest techniques and best practices to Nail and Beauty Professionals throughout Australia and New Zealand. We work closely with our friends and partners in Australia and New Zealand to provide education and support at a local, more personal level should you require it.

Sure! we want our company to do well but we also want to help Nail and Beauty Professionals realize their own potential through stunning products and awesome training. We want to help bring something that's been missing back to the professional Nail and Beauty Business. Passion, fun, and Profit.

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