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Minx Professional Nail Wraps - The New Formula... Click more for the whole story!

It is hard to believe it has been nearly 10 years since Minx was invented and a brand new category in beauty; nail wraps sprung to life.

As an industry leader and innovator Minx take responsibility to provide nail stylists with supplies for them to create nail fashion. Fashion for your nails is what Minx is all about. Minx continue to be the original and only company that focuses on 90% of its resources on nail fashion. Minx is about the look, about expressing yourself through the designs you put on your and your client’s nails.

It is with great pleasure we introduce you to another evolution in nails. Minx have reinvented the Minx formula with new features and benefits:

○ Minx now needs less heat, for normal nails the heat generated from the friction of rubbing during application is enough. The Minx Heat is a great tool, especially for difficult nails but is no longer required.

○ Minx is now half the thickness, this makes it easier to apply, and with half the thickness you get a smoother finish on the free edge. For those of you who like to put a top coat over Minx or use it as part of your nail art, both become nearly seamless.

○ Minx now has extra additives for extra conform-ability, this gives you a snug fit and reduces the chance of lifting.

○ Minx’s dimensional stability is improved, external elements such as heat and cold will have less effect. This helps prevent lifting resulting from expanding in heat and contracting in cold.

○ We have left the adhesive the same since it seems to already be nearly perfect providing you with a safe, fast, chemical-free removal.

○ We still brew up Minx in San Diego California to insure premium quality and to keep our recipes a secret.

○That’s not all! Not only did we revolutionize the formula but we have increased the`amount of Minx you get by over 10% for the same price! Now on average you can get three applications per sheet versus the previous two.

The new Minx takes some practice to perfect the application (and sometimes heat). If you have used Minx before you may have to make some modifications in your application technics.

Thank you for being a Minx!


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