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At Abyssian, plants are at the centre of all things important: from the communities growing, harvesting and extracting them sustainably, to our formulas in which they are the heart and soul. The expertise of the laboratories we work with helped to craft products as beautiful on the inside than on the outside.

After discovering the precious benefits of the Abyssinian seed extract, a pure oil used by African women for centuries, our botanical experts have strived to research the best extracts to combine it with and answer our customers’ main hair concern: healthy and beautiful hair.

While we aim at producing the most natural products possible, we also have to select some ingredients for the efficacy or the protection they bring to the formulation. We however assess each one and challenge it towards the Environment Working Group’s database to ensure absolute safety. Our 8-free chart also guarantees full transparency on what you are buying by checking the icons for every product.

Abyssian® was created to be the one-stop natural beauty solution for your hair. 

All our products are enriched with Abyssinian oil, an ancient Mediterranean seed oil with superior regeneration, shine and moisturizing properties.

The ultimate remedy for dry, damaged and frizzy hair.

Abyssinian oil helps to reduce hair breakage by up to 93%!

The damaging effect of heated tools, coloration, chemical-packed hair products, humidity and pollution makes it essential to seek a remedy to restore hair to its natural and healthy glow.

Detox and Rebalance.

Because just like your food diet, your hair needs a balanced regimen to remain healthy, we also created a silicone free line specifically to maintain your hair regularly and give your mane a break.

Sustainability is the way forward.

Abyssinian oil is also a much more sustainable crop than other oils thanks to it's unique water retention properties that enable it to grow with minimal water during the dry season, thus helping farmers to make better use of their land all year long.

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